Polar Bear® Washi Masking Tape With Cute Dispenser, 0.47″x5.5 Yards each, Pack of 12pcs(total 66 yards), assorted colors,(WT-1255)

Polar Bear office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Advice on backing material and adhesion
Polar Bear® washi tape is a high quality masking tape made of rice paper. so they are semi transparent, have a nice feel and easy to use. The adhesive force of a washi tape is a compromise between two opposing properties: adhesive ability and removability. washi tapes are excellent for light-duty packaging. The adhesive ability may be improved by carefully selecting the type of packaging material, using clean, dry hands to apply and by letting the tape adhere to the surface without disturbance.

Advice on washi tape feature
Washi tape can be reused since they are removable and repositionable.also it can be torn by hand but the use of a tape dispenser or scissors is recommended for cleaner cuts.

Advice on wash tape application
There are millions of uses of washi tapes. Among them are decorating scrapbooks and calendars, differentiating keys, dishes, cups, personal items and practically any other type of decoration or identification. Lots of Washi tape project ideas can be found online. Get creative.

Children’s safe dispensers in four different colors .
12 differents designs of washi masking tape included
Great for scrapbooking, card making, gift wrapping, decorating and other creative projects
Decorate and identify personal belongs, ie. ipad, computer,keyboard
Tape is writabe,repositionable,tearable

Price: $6.98
Price:$ 8.88