Pilot Frixion Ball Knock 4-Color Gel Ink Multi-Pen, White (LKFB-80EF-W)

Pilot office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Frixion Ball4″ can use 4 colors properly by one, it scratches them out any number of times, and is a 4-color ball-point with possible high convenience. an ink color — black and red – blue and green. A nib is a 0.5-mm super thin type and is suitable for the writing to fine parts, such as a notebook and data. – A hand is transparency by a temperature change! Ball-point carrying the “Frixion ink” which makes ink colorlessness by a temperature change of the new way of thinking. Since erase temperature is set to “Frixion ink”, the color of ink can change to colorlessness by the frictional heat which produces a hand by rubbing against the exclusive rubber of the body rear, and it can erase a hand. – Garbage does not come out. It erases and there is little remainder. In order to make the ink of a hand into colorlessness by frictional heat unlike the pens and pencils erased with an eraser, garbage does not come out. Moreover, a pencil and a mechanical pencil erase, it erases compared with marks, and, as for the feature, there is very little remainder. – Scratch out any number of times and it is possible. A repetition note in the part which was erased unlike chemical formulae, such as ink elimination liquid, is possible. – After a hand gets dry, if it rubs with the rubber of the axial rear, a color will disappear. * It cannot be used for bonds and address writing.

03/06/2014 New Product
Ink color: Black, Red, Blue, Green
Tips size: 0.5mm
Slide lever type
The design which gave the fine dot pattern to the body

Price: $12.00
Price:$ 7.20