Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead Refills, 0.5 mm, 90 Pieces (C25BPHB3-K6)

Pentel office supplies from TheOfficePanda! The lead that is a ‘Triple Threat”: #1 selling lead in the U.S.A., the industry “standard”, and stronger than the competition. 0.5 mm lead creates fine, crisp lines. Proprietary lead formula resists breaking. Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead is equivalent to a #2 pencil, guaranteed to scan and break resistant. Part of the Pentel Recycology Line all HB lead tubes are composed of 100% plastic.

Triple Threat: #1 selling lead, Industry Standard, Stronger than competitors
0.5 mm fine lines
Resists breaking
Equivalent to a #2 pencil and guaranteed to scan
3 Tubes

Price: $2.70
Price:$ 2.02