NEW Compatible Nukote BR80C Calculator Ribbon Black/Red (6-pack) For Sharp EL 1197 P III

office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Compatible Universal Calculator Spool EPC B / R Black and Red Ribbons
works in Brother, Canon, Casio, Citizen, Sharp, Texas Instruments, Victor Calculators
Brand New Compatible Universal Calculator Spool EPC B / R Black and Red.
Compatible with Canon: CP120-D, CP1000, CP1003-D, CP1008, CP1008-D, CP1010, CP1013-D, CP1018-D, CP1025-D, CP1200, CP1201-D, CP1202, CP1203-D, CP1204-D, CP1208, CP1210, CP1212, CP1213-D, CP1214, CP1216-D, CP1218-D, CP1220-D, CP1223-D, CP1230, CP1231, CP1233-D, CP1240, CP1250-D, CP2000, CP2010, CP2030, DP1211-D, EP102, MP21D, MP21DII, MP22D, MP23D, MP24D, MP25D, MP25II, MP25III, MP27D, MP31D, MP31DH, MP31DII, MP142R, MP1210D, MP1211D, MP1211DE, MP1211DL, MP1216, MP1217, MP1218, MP1411D, MP1411DL, MP1420, P104-D,

Black and Red calculator ribbon
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Compatible to BR80C, Porelon 11216, Dataprocucts R3027
6 per pack

Price: $4.86
Price:$ 5.50