Maped Kidikut Safety Scissors, Fiberglass Blades, 4 3/4 Inches, Assorted Colors (037800)

Maped office supplies from TheOfficePanda! The Maped Kidikut Safety Scissors were created by a team of internationally renowned ergonomic experts to provide early learning for children. These scissors teach kids how to cut safely, with rounded tips for protection and a smaller blade and handle size for easier control. The fiberglass blades won’t cut skin, hair or clothes, and they don’t conduct electricity. Kidikut Scissors are strong and durable. The reinforced fiberglass blades will withstand even the toughest youngster, and are available in an array of eye-catching colors to please kids of all ages. With a variety of stylish and functional products for adults and kids alike at home or school, Maped continues to reinvent ways to let you express yourself freely! For over 60 years Maped has been creating innovative, high-quality products and renewing the often traditional school and office accessories markets with an assortment of ergonomic and eye-catching products tailored to the needs of the consumer. Maped is an expert in providing attractive and functional school, artist, and office products to over 125 countries all over the world!

Early age safety scissors, for 3+ years
Plastic blades reinforced with fiberglass for an improved and long lasting cutting quality
Ideal for young kids learning to use scissors
Ergonomic design
Cut paper, but won’t cut skin, hair or clothes and won’t conduct electricity

Price: $1.52
Price:$ 1.48