Laminas 50 Chalkboard Labels Kit Complete Bundle Pack Jars Tins or Any Other Storage Chalk Board for Your Home Office Kitchen Stickers Sticker Peel Stick Black Dishwasher Freezer Safe Kids Rewritable

Laminas office supplies from TheOfficePanda! GET ORGANIZED WHILE ADDING A DOSE OF FLARE WITH THESE REUSABLE CHALKBOARD LABELS Looking for the perfect way to organize your kitchen, work station or room? Searching for a durable solution that provides unmatched value for money? If that’s the case, then this Reusable Chalkboard Labels Kit from Laminas is exactly what you need. Because let’s face it, life can get a bit disorganized some times. You reach out into the pantry for some sugar to whip up that red velvet cake, but minutes later it dawns on you that you mixed-in two cups of salt instead. Never again though! With 50 different-sized labels included in the kit, you’ll have plenty to organize every item in your pantry. And they aren’t limited to your kitchen, you can use them to organize the toys and crafts in the kids’ room, or those boxes up in the attic. What’s so striking is how easy and flexible they are to use. Mimicking chalk paint, you can use liquid chalk markers to write on them and easily wipe them off when you need to. You can also reposition or move them from one surface to another without any residue clinging behind, meaning you can use them over, and over again, while still remaining in top-notch condition. Its most notable benefits include: • 50 attractive labels for tons of organizing. • Impressive durability with them being dishwasher and refrigerator safe. • Unlimited uses, easily adhering to plastic, glass, metal and wood. • Easy to use and ability to be repositioned without sticky residue. • Kit comes with a White Chalk Marker. The perfect mix between fun and functionality. Click “Add to Cart” now to enjoy a lifetime guarantee courtesy of Laminas.

50 HIGH QUALITY CHALKBOARD LABELS; coming in 4 different sizes- (15) 3? x 2? (15) 2.5? x 1.5? (10) 2? x 1? (10) 1.75? x 1?- you’ll have a chalkboard label to fit your jars and drawers perfectly.
OUTSTANDING DURABILITY; these chalkboard stickers are tough as they come. They are dishwasher safe, making them the ideal labels for jars that need to be washed, and refrigerator safe, ensuring that labels for bottles placed in the cold don’t get damaged.
UNLIMITED USES; whether it’s the pantry, garage or even the office, these label stickers are up to the challenge. You can easily move them from one surface to another, crowning them as the ultimate reusable labels for containers of all shapes and sizes.
LIQUID CHALK MARKER; no need to drop more money on chalkboard markers, as a white one is included to make writing that much easier. It can also be used to write on chalkboard paint and can be effortlessly wiped off.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE; so you can now awaken both the neat freak and artist in you without having anything to lose. Once you grab these reusable chalkboard labels, you’ll wonder how you lived without them. Click “Add to Cart” to order now!

Price: $9.95
Price:$ 9.95