JLS A5 Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer Pink

JLS office supplies from TheOfficePanda! You won’t believe how easy it is to cut precise lines with this Paper Trimmer! This quick and easy trimmer is incredibly simple to use – just insert the paper into the trimmer by placing it under the clear bar. Cut paper by pressing down on the square blade carriage and sliding it up and down along the clear bar. Remove your perfectly-cut paper from the trimmer by raising the clear bar! Save yourself time when making scrapbooks, greeting cards, and more with this convenient trimmer! Components: Blade holder Inlet edge Table Scaleline guide Blade Operating instruction: Slide the paper under the ruler then hold the paper so it cannot shift. Press the blade holder and cut in the direction-bottom to top.. How to change blade Put the blade holder in the middle of the ruler Press both parts of the ruler apart with your thumb and index finger and take out the blade holder Attention´╝Ü The blade is extremely sharp! Only hold the blade holder at the colored part

Ideal for all your scrapbook page trimming needs
Ideal for cutting a wide variety of crafting materials including paper, photos, scrapbook pages
Swing-out ruler provides accurate measurements
Cuts up to 8 sheets /80gsm, 10 sheets /70gsm
Alignment grid and dual scale ruler

Price: $9.99
Price:$ 7.98