DYMO 45018 High-Performance Permanent Self-Adhesive D1 Polyester Tape for Label Makers, 1/2-inch, Black print on Yellow, 23-foot Cartridge

DYMO office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Unique two-in-one, smudge-resistant eraser lets user erase twice as many mistakes. Lead-optimizing technology for maximum write life from each lead. Strong #2 leads, perfect for standardized tests. Comfort grip for precise control. Set includes four mechanical pencils, two eraser refills, and 12 extra leads. Paper Mate Quick Flip Mechanical Pencil.

Won’t leave residue behind when peeled off most surfaces. Tape and adhesive are UV-resistant, so label will neither darken nor fall off over time.
Easy-peel, split-back makes separation of label tape backing a snap.
Labeling tape is ideal for asset tagging, posting instructions and caution statements.
For use with most DYMO label makers, including LMPC II, LM360D, LM350, LP350, LM260P, LM450, LM210D, LM120P, LM220P, LM155, LM150, LP250, and DUO.
Made in Belgium.

Price: $19.99
Price:$ 4.49