Derwent Metallic Watersoluble Pencils, 3.4mm Core, Metal Tin, 12 Count (0700456)

Derwent office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Derwent Metallic Watersoluble Pencils, 12-Ct. Metal Tin Introduce a Little Shimmer and Shine to Your Work Introduce a subtle shimmer and dimension to your sketches and drawings with these bright, reflective pencils. They work best on a dark background and can be used on their own or with other media to add brilliant definition and highlights to greeting cards, especially for metal or iridescent elements such as gold rings or holiday baubles. Derwent Metallic Pencils are watersoluble, so you can also create interesting line and wash effects by drawing color onto your design and then wetting it with a brush. A color tab at the top of each pencil corresponds to the core color for fast and easy identification. And, the pencils are pre-sharpened, so they’re ready to use. 12 colors in the range Hexagonal 6.9 mm barrel 3.4 mm core Ten Top Tips Using Metallic Pencils View Larger Derwent Heritage Since 1832, Derwent has been inspiring amateur and professional artists with an exceptional range of innovative fine art materials. Derwent Colored Pencil Collection, 32-Ct., Wooden Box Derwent Artists Color Wood Case Pencils, 24-Ct., Metal TinFor expressive coloring and drawing. Derwent Drawing BoardThe perfect setting for drawing and watercolor work. Derwent Battery Operated SharpenerSharpens up to 5 different pencil diameters. Derwent Khaki Canvas Pocket WrapStores up to 12 pencils and accessories. Derwent Blender and Burnisher Set, Pack, 6 CountAdd points of interest to your work.

Metallic tin of 12 pencils contains the following colors: Silver, Pewter, Gold, Antique Gold, Bronze, Copper, Yellow, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue and Green.
Add a light metallic wash to dissolve the pigment further; pre-sharpened with a sure hexagonal grip; matte metallic colors
Derwent Metallic Pencils add brilliant definition and highlights to your work

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