Crayola 12 Ct Washable Dry Erase Markers

Crayola office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Now kids can enjoy the fun of creating colorful masterpieces without the annoyance of difficult cleanup. These brightly hued Crayola dry-erase markers wash clean from hands and clothing and easily wipe off dry-erase surfaces.Ages 4+ Brilliant, bold colors for kids to create images, then erase and create again! Easily wipes off dry-erase surfaces Washes clean from hands and clothes! Washable metrics at parity or better than competition; washable from skin and clothing Bright, bold color assortment vs. light florescent colors of competition Low odor ink moms and teachers feel good about giving to kids

CRAYOLA-Washable Dry-Erase Markers
These dry-erase markers will work on any standard dry-erase board
They erase easily and completely and will wash clean from clothing and hands
They feature bright vivid colors a ventilated cap and a versatile broad-line tip
This package contains twelve washable dry-erase markers
12 bright and bold colors
Low Odor ink
Washes clean from clothes and skin
Mistake-proof creative play for kids
Non-toxic. Made in America.

Price: $8.99
Price:$ 8.99