Composition Book by Mead, Wide Ruled, 100 Sheets, Fashion Green (72249)

Mead office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Grab it and go. The Mead Square Deal Fashion Composition Book is ready for any assignment. This traditional book features 100 wide-ruled sheets set within a secure sewn binding that will keep all your work in place. A sturdy cover protects the sheets and holds up over the course of the school year. Inside the covers, you can fill in your class schedule as well as reference multiplication tables, conversion table, and grammar tips for quick fact-checking. Perfect for today’s busy students.

9.75 x 7.5 inch Mead Square Deal Fashion Composition Book
100 Sheets; 1 Subject; Wide ruled, white paper
Class Schedule on inside front cover; Multiplication table, conversion table and grammar rules, on inside back cover
Durable cover with secure sewn binding
Available in red, green, purple or blue

Price: $7.90
Price:$ 9.99