Colore Brilliant White Liquid Chalk Markers – Best For Restaurant Menu Board, Glass, Whiteboard, Kitchen Chalkboard Paint, Mirror, Blackboard, Windows – Great Chalk Ink Pens For Kids Artist – 2 Pack

Colore office supplies from TheOfficePanda! MARK WITH MORE PRECISION USING COLORE CHALK MARKER! That, the success of a presentation takes more than just the prepared content is not debatable! The kind of chalk markers you use also matter a lot. When doing any kind of presentation, you need the highest quality markers in order to guarantee clarity. The Colore Chalk Marker is the best answer for you, this marker is sure to produce great results. Some situations where the chalk marker will come in handy: – Restaurants and grocery stores, with non-porous menu boards and windows. – Corporate world, with business project presentations. – Home, when you need to mark something on the fridge or mirrors. In a nutshell, this multipurpose marker serves everyone. Here are some of the features that make it unique: – A 6mm interchangeable between bullet and chisel tip, which enables you to mark and write with precision. – Very enhanced versatility, enabling use on all non-porous surfaces, including glasses and white boards. – Complete liquid chalk, without dust on your hands. – Includes Two White Chalk Markers, so you don’t run out of supply when working on your project. IMPORTANT NOTE: Use Colore Chalk Markers on non-porous surfaces. Not suitable on most chalkboards, because of it’s porous surfaces. Test on a small area first to see if it wipes off, before continuing on your project. Whether you are a teacher, a student or a workman, Colore Chalk Marker is the only tool you should always have with you. You never know when it will come in handy. Get your lovely Colore White Dry Erase Pens for yourself and as a gift for your kids or someone you love. Click the Add to Cart button to Order Now!

FEATURING: Two Pack White Liquid Chalk Markers with a Reversible 6mm Bullet and Chisel tip. Colore Chalk Marker Nibs are MADE IN JAPAN, ensuring best quality for drawing and writing. FREE BONUS: Electronic PDF copy titled ‘All You Need To Know About Chalk Markers’.
GREAT GIFTS for your friends and loved ones if they are teachers, art lovers, restaurant owners, works in office or just someone that loves to write and draw. Perfect for decorations on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, 4th of July, Labor Day, Birthday or Wedding Parties, Halloween Night, Mother’s & Father’s Day Celebration, Easter & St Patrick’s Day and any of your private events.
BEST USE ON: All smooth and non-porous surfaces, including blackboards and whiteboards, laminated kitchen countertops, glass such as mirrors and windows, bistro or restaurant menu board, business presentation in office, chalkboard labels or stickers for organizing your kitchen mason jars and containers, paint laminated wood, creative fun drawing for your kids, FOR SALE signboards, erasable LED writing board on cafe, chrome, varnished wooden wall and acrylic surfaces.
BENEFITS: Fine tip wet erase neon marker allowing you to make well-defined lines and prevent smudging with it’s brilliant white ink color that stands out. Easily cleaned by using a damp cloth or windex solutions so you can keep changing messages on the kitchen board, menu board in restaurants or SALE signs on stores. The possibilites are ENDLESS!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Colore Chalk Pens work best on smooth and non-porous surfaces such as glass, plastic or acrylic containers and chromed metal. As most chalkboards and blackboards on the market are porous, ALWAYS test on a small area first to see if it wipes off before continuing on your project. We are so confident you will love these markers that we are the ONLY sellers that offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Get yours NOW!

Price: $8.97
Price:$ 8.97