CCbetter 25pcs Hot Melt Glue Stick for Mini glue Gun 5/16″ Diameter 10″ Length (Transparent)

CCbetter office supplies from TheOfficePanda! The ccbetter Hot melt glue stick was made from safety, environmentally friendly and smell free material, which is very suitable for fixing some objects such as paper, glass, wood, plastics, ceramics and many related things, Good for school projects, handmade art craft, homes, offices, designers, party designers and more. Quick reminders -Always make sure to clean the glue stick before you use it -Don’t pull it out from the glue gun once it was used -In case when the first glue stick was shortened, please insert the new glue stick to push the used one to continue. -Before you stop the operation, remove the Glue gun from power outlet, to stop the continuous heating that may cause the glue stick from melt leaking from the nozzle. Specification Color: Transparent Package: Simple Packing Cure time: 10-20S Size: 5/16″ (diameter) x 10″ (length) Package Net Weight: 150 grams Package 1 x 25 Pieces Glue Sticks

It’s the glue stick for Mini-Glue gun, size: 5/16″ inch (diameter) x 10″ (length)
Clean and Clear: Strong adhesive holds in extra white clear transparency that made from safe and reliable materials
Money savers: Single package contains of 25 pcs of glue stick and environmentally friendly
Just fix your work clean with this quickly dry glue stick, Non bad smell glue stick
Best customer service available for 24 hours with warranty, passed the quality check

Price: $6.69
Price:$ 12.99