Best Adult Coloring Book (Double Size) – 140 Pages with 68 Designs – Amazing Designs Stress Relieving Patterns including Mandalas, Geometric Shapes, an Animal – Perfect for Coloring Sketching

Best Adult Coloring Book office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Note that the page count includes the covers. So there are 68 pages that each have an individual design on them, the back sides of those pages are blank, which accounts for another 68 pages, and then the covers are included in the page count (+4) for a total count of 140 pages. This is the traditional and industry standard way to count pages. The reason we include blank pages is four fold. In the coloring book industry, many consumers wish to use heavy pens or markers to color, and if there were designs on both sides of a page, the bleed through from coloring the first one would ruin the design on the other side. Many consumers also like to remove the page after they color it to hang on a wall for display purposes. Consumers who wish to do this would then have to chose between one of the designs on either side of the page as it would be impossible to color and hang both. This book also doubles as a free form drawing sketchpad, and the blank pages are useful for that. Finally, the blank pages serve as good color test areas for non bleed through coloring instruments.

HUGE DOUBLE SIZE ADULT COLORING BOOK – 68 DESIGNS ON 140 PAGES WITH BLANK OPPOSITE SIDE PAGES TO AVOID BLEED THROUGH AND FOR FREE FORM DRAWING! More Patterns! More Pages! More Coloring! This Adult Coloring book will leave you entertained for Months! 3x the size of other best sellers. As an added bonus each side has a blank page that can be used for Free Form Sketching or Doodling.
INCREDIBLE PATTERNS AND DESIGNS – Fantastic designs of Mandalas, Flowers, Geometric Shapes, Stained Glass, an Animal and other amazing Stress Relieving Patterns. Each page of the coloring book has a perforated edge, making it easy for you remove the beautiful patterns and showcase them in a frame or give to a friend!
THE PERFECT COLORING BOOK FOR STRESS RELIEF – Join the millions of Grown Ups who have rediscovered the bliss of coloring. Calm and Ease the mind with patterns that were specifically designed to help you relax!
GREAT FOR ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS – Although this is an Adult Coloring Book, it’s perfect for all coloring enthusiasts. Since it can also be used as a sketch pad, it’s great for toddlers or young adults looking to doodle.
MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you’re ever unsatisfied with your coloring book for any reason the manufacturer will give you a full refund!

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