ACCO Binder Clips, Large, 12 Per Box (72100)

ACCO Brands office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Acco has every type of product you need to get the job done right! With Acco’s Business Essentials products, all of your office necessities are available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and materials to suit your every need! Acco Business Essentials products feature a mix and match line which specializes in helping you stay organized. Acco Binder Clips feature an efficient triangular design which provides a grip of unsurpassed strength and optimum compression, yet releases easily. This firm, uniform grip virtually eliminates slipping, even at maximum capacity. The solid hold will not weaken with time, and the tempered steel design means the clips will spring back to their original shape when removed from documents. Acco Binder Clips feature a durable, electroplated finish and nickel-plated wire arms which are rust-and scratch-resistant. Acco Binder Clips provide quality design, durable construction, and a wide range of sizes. Buy them once, use them forever!

Large size, 1 1/16″ capacity, 2″ width; 12 clips per box
Black binder clip with metal arms securely fastens stacks of paper; tempered steel construction provides extra strong hold
Ideal for reuse, clips spring back into shape when removed

Price: $3.99
Price:$ 5.36