14 x RFID Blocking Sleeves – RFID Sleeve Set (12 RFID Credit Card Sleeves 2 Passport RFID Sleeves) Identity Theft Protection for Men and Women – Fits in Your Wallet or Purse For Easy Use

RFID Vault office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Instantly Stop Credit Card Fraud & Protect Yourself Securely From Identity Theft Many credit cards, driver licenses and passports are now using contactless technology. This allows for instant sharing of information via embedded chips and radio antennas that link to a database where personal records and account information is stored. + Data Thieves Skim and Steal in Seconds – STOP Them Hijacking Your IdentityUnfortunately mobile phone apps and cheap electronic readers can read and copy the information stored on your embedded chips. Without a RFID blocking sleeve, your personal details and financial information is exposed inside your pocket, purse or briefcase – leaving you vulnerable to credit card fraud and zero identity theft protection. + Top Spec Electromagnetic Opaque RFID Blocking SleeveLuckily our credit card protective sleeves have a powerful aluminium inner lining that sits under the surface sleeve, blocking radio signals emitted from RFID. This creates a Faraday cage – a place radio signals can’t reach. Our unique metal composite RFID card sleeves stop criminals walking away with your sensitive details. + Comprehensive RFID Unisex Sleeve Set With Intuitive DesignOur RFID credit card protector is designed to accommodate up to 12 cards plus 2 separate passport RFID sleeves. It’s thin, lightweight size means it fits smoothly into most wallets. Tough material means it can easily withstand normal wear and tear. + Customer Protection GuaranteeWe’re confident you’ll be 100% happy with your decision. If not, simply contact us and we’ll put it right. + Order Now to Safeguard Your Personal Details + Secure Your RFID Credit Card Protector Sleeve Now! NOTE: These sleeves are not designed to protect 125 kHz cards such as workplace proximity cards and keycards.

DATA THIEVES SKIM & STEAL IN SECONDS – PROTECT YOURSELF :: Don’t leave financial information exposed inside your pocket, purse or briefcase for cheap electronic readers to copy. Use our RFID Sleeve set to keep your private information safe on 13.56 MHz cards such as credit cards, drivers license, passports and more.
AVOID A COSTLY CREDIT CARD DISASTER :: Carry your passport and credit cards securely inside our credit card protector sleeves and feel confident knowing you won’t have to deal with identity theft, fraudulent transactions, canceling cards and other headaches. It’s better to be safe than sorry!
STOP CRIMINALS HIJACKING YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS :: Travel safely knowing your personal information is secure. No need to worry, when your credit cards and passport are inside the RFID Vault sleeves, your information is kept safe and secure.
FAST & EASY TO USE :: Enjoy instant peace of mind. Simply insert your ID and credit cards into our credit card protector sleeves (1 card per sleeve). Traveling? Keep your passport in the passport protector and you’re ready to travel safely.
100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE :: Every customer gains automatic access to our top level Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, simply contact us and we will give you your money back. Take advantage and try our RFID credit card holder with zero risk.

Price: $9.99
Price:$ 9.99