1 Inch Round Thank You Labels with Black Hearts, 1000 Stickers per Roll

Garage Sale Pup office supplies from TheOfficePanda! These thank you labels have a variety of uses. Great as envelope seals or ideal for embellishing cards, scrapbook pages and craft projects. Use on any thank you card for holidays like Christmas or special events like birthdays or weddings. Work as business thank you labels for orders, wine bottles, canning jars and more. Show a family member, customer, or supplier your appreciation. Use on restaurant receipts, invoices, bills and special orders. These labels are a great fit anywhere you want to say thank you. Adhesive Labels are 1″ diameter and with 1000 labels on a roll. Made in the USA.

1″ diameter, 1000 adhesive labels on a roll, printed on high quality natural paper.
Eco-friendly thank you stickers with black print and heart on beautiful gloss stock.
Add a personally touch to any thank you card or stationary. Easy storage roll.
Perfect for wedding, anniversary, gift, or birthday thank you envelopes.
Add a unique touch to special orders, gift boxes, restaurant receipts, party favors, bags, and more.

Price: $8.29
Price:$ 8.29